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Adinkra Hene Village is a 100 acre black community development comprised of 50 retail/commercial black-owned businesses, 450 single-family homes ranging from 1,500 sf to 3,000 sf, 50 apartments, and a 60-student elementary school integrated in a beautiful gated community.

The goal of this endeavor is to create an environment that is safe, comfortable and convenience for residents to shop, dine, and entertain within walking distance of their homes; and create a self-sufficient black community that will increase business revenue, increase black employment and pay a living wage to all workers of Adinkra Hene Village.

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The health and well-being of a community lies in its economic foundation.  The life blood of any community rests in the quantity and quality of its businesses

TBF is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (4) community development corporation.  Founded in 2020 and incorporated in 2023.

Black non-institutional labor is becoming obsolete in America. 75% of black labor is employed by the public sector and only 11.5% by the non-black private sector.

TBF will initiate a "Tell 10" "Friends Telling Friends" campaign.  We will utilize friends telling friends as the foundation for fund raising for Adinkra Hene Village.

The benefits of community funding include: low interest home, business and personal loans; educational scholarships, and charitable gifts.

Location options include North Carolina, and the Richmond, Virginia area.

Adinkra Hene Village will include 50 black-owned businesses across all business sectors and services.

Adinkra Hene Village is a 100 acre community development project, that incudes 50 businesses, 450 homes, and 50 apartments. 

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