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Funding the Project
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People give for one of three reasons:

  •  They sympathize with the cause

  • They trust and respect the asking company

  • They trust and respect the endorser(s) of the cause


We believe that there are six million of us that will be compelled to support this endeavor.  Most, if not all of us, know ten (10) people that "trust and respect" us enough to give to a cause that we endorse, sight unseen.  The "Tell 10" campaign "Friends Telling Friends" encourages supporters to give $100 towards the construction of Adinkra Hene Village.  If you are one of those compelled to endorse this project, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Give $100

  • Step 2: Get 10 people that "trust and respect" you to give $100

  • Step 3: Tell each of them to get 10 people that 'trust and respect" them to do the same

With the support and commitment of our endorsers we will reach the 2 million supporters and $200 million for construction.

The goal of this project is to integrate local black-owned businesses with local black consumers, making it easy and convenient to shop and "Think Black First".  TBF, through the Adinkra Hene Village development, will infuse capital into the black community in form of business, mortgage, auto and personal loans; create jobs, pay a living wage, provide four-year educational scholarships, cultivate the next generation of black entrepreneurs and foster an environment of self-reliance and cultural pride.

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